Brass Nozzles Impact Sprinkler


The model is a sprinkler made ​​of plastic and is considered a medium flow sprinkler with a male or female 3/4″ connection. With two nozzles, the main 25º and the secondary also 25° but slotted for a short radius. These nozzles made of brass. The spoon has a better counterweight injected to drive rotation.
The sprinkler is one of the most standard sprinklers for irrigation worldwide and is commonly used at 15×15 m. frames with 3.5 BAR and working with an average flow of 1800 L / h.
It’s widely used in all kinds of field crops: cereals, sugar beet, alfalfa, vegetables, etc. APPLICATIONS This model is compatible with almost any type of crop and with a wide range of audiometric and spacing conditions, suitable for a large number of different crop types. Horticultural plantations, cereals, tubers, leguminous plants, and fruit trees.


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